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Adam is a featured  writer in the magazine, "Scottsdale Health". His articles cover different topics of sports psychology, such as confidence, anxiety, routine, and recovering after making mistakes.



Anxiety in Sports

           Anxiety is a part of sports, and anyone who plays sports will agree. However, it is not only too much anxiety that can affect a person’s performance, it is also not having enough. An athlete suffering from too much stress will more likely make technical mistakes or errors in judgment, whilst someone with too little stress may feel overconfident, lacking in motivation, or feel insufficiently aroused to notice critical moments, and as such, his or her performance will diminish.​    Read More>

Mistakes. Should we make more?

           Who doesn’t make mistakes? We all do. It is part of life, but in sports they are often thought of as inexcusable and to be avoided at all costs. Who can forget Bill Buckner’s through the legs error in game six of the World Series, or Scott Norwood of the Buffalo Bill’s going far right in Super Bowl XXV?​    Read More>

Imagery - See it Happen

"It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters."
-Paul “Bear” Bryant, football

           When I work with athletes or teams, one of the first things I teach them to do is visualize themselves being successful in their chosen sport. Visualization, or imagery, is using all the senses to re-create or create an experience in the mind.​  The power of imagery allows athletes to practice sports skills, strategies, and mental skills without physically being in the competitive environment.     Read More>

What Motivates You?

           A key component in sport and athletic success is motivation, but to understand someone’s motivation we must first understand what success and failure means to them, and to appreciate that we must examine a person’s achievement goals and how they relate to the individual’s perceptions of competence, self-worth, or perceived ability.​ 

Read More>

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