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“I worked with Adam for a full soccer season. He helped me improve my focus and concentration, and taught me the importance of preparation and how to conquer anxiety. I had one of my most successful seasons and I have continued to use the lessons Adam taught me to this day.”

- TJ Grewel– Division 1 College and professional soccer player.

“After coming off an injury my coach suggested I work with Adam, and I am delighted I did. Adam was able to help me get past the fears of my injury reoccurring once I started playing again. He taught me how to eliminate harmful thoughts and gave me tools to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.”

- Richie Navari – Division 1 College Baseball pitcher.

“Adam has worked with several of our college teams to great effect. He has met with individual players to help them reach their potential, as well as with the teams to develop cohesion, communication, and belief. His work has produced outstanding results.”

- Marcus Clapp – Athletic Director, Scottsdale Community College.

“ Adam has had a phenomenal effect upon some of our players. Their performances have improved significantly, as have their personal belief, composure, and ability to handle difficult situations.”

- Alex Cherney –Head Coach,College Baseball.

“As a golfer, mental strength is vital, but sometimes illusive. Adam has helped me tremendously in developing my focus in difficult moments, my concentration, and being able to recover quickly from making mistakes. My game has improved, as well as how much I now enjoy it.”

- Brett Marshall – Golfer.

“Adam helped me tremendously in how to deal with making mistakes on the mound. He taught me how to cope with, and often eliminate anxiety, and become far more positive in my approach to the game. I have leaned that sports is as much mental as it is physical, and Adam is an excellent mental coach.”

- Sebastian Kessay - College Baseball pitcher.

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